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When I first heard about Agile in 2003, I thought it was a load of rubbish and not for serious projects. I mean, how could a project be successful with little or no upfront planning? It went against everyone I knew as a professional project manager… I was naive.


Years later to solve specific challenges I started applying some of the Agile principles with great success, this is when I had my AH-HA moment. Since that moment, I have been committed to helping others understand and apply these Agile principles and techniques as when they are done well, they are powerful.

About Building Awesome Agile Teams

Agile is the new black. Almost all companies are looking to adopt more Agile principles in order to meet the demands of their customer and deliver value to the market quicker than traditional ways.

Agile provide a mechanism for this and its no longer just for software projects. We're helping companies from startups, right through to government and enterprise organisation learn and adopt Agile principle like Scrum and Kanban.

Our approach.

We take a no bullshit approach to Agile training and capability development. We do this by providing training, resources and coaching that is pragmatic and results focussed. In short, we cut straight through to the stuff that works.

All our consultants and Agile practitioners with real work experience that teach your teams how to apply Agile and more importantly WHY the Agile principles work. We find this helps with the AH-HA moment.

What we don't do is write long winded reports or provide Mckinsey styled presentations and graphs.

Our Mission.

To help companies and teams transition into an Agile way of working with pragmatic training, advice and resources to help them exceed in the quickest way possible. We're in the business of building Agile capability for our clients.

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